Counseling Principles for Astrologers: Becoming an Effective Change Agent


About the Book:  This indispensable text for astrologers or astrologers in training reflects Donna’s social work background and 45 years as a counselor and professional astrologer. It shows how to focus on clients’ concerns, explain the chart in plain English, boost clients’ problem-solving skills, and develop a resource network so clients can move forward after the session.

Chapters include effective interviewing, vocational astrology, crisis counseling, relationship issues, and doing children’s charts. It’s a text for Astrology University‘s professional astrology training program.

Download a sampler here. Download one of the new chapters in the 2014 edition of Counseling Principles for Astrologers here.

2014 Edition with 80 new pages


This eBook is for Professionals and Advanced Students.

If you found this on a free ebook site, it was a pirated copy. Those sites have unauthorized copies of many astrologers’ works—significant volumes by much-admired teachers and speakers who labored unselfishly to preserve what they’ve learned so we can all grow.

Pirated books have a long-term impact on the development of our field. Putting one’s heart and soul into a book, only to have it stolen, discourages our heroes from writing books to begin with. Over time, what they know can be lost forever. Read more about this problem here: Pirated Astrology Books and What They Can Cost our Field.

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