Career Choices and Challenges


Career Choices and Challenges: an Astrological Guide is Donna Cunningham’s newest ebook offering. Vocational astrology was one of Donna’s specialties throughout her decades of client work. It includes 60 articles about various facets of vocational astrology. It’s divided into two volumes in order to make navigation easier.

Part One is subtitled Vocational Patterns in the Natal Chart.  It’s an overview of the subject, including many articles that explore the roles played by the vocational houses and Midheaven, the natal planets placed in the career sectors, and tools for enhancing your career potential.  A feature of both volumes are templates that make it possible for you to analyze your own career-related chart features and those of other charts you work on.

Part Two is subtitled Transits to the Vocational Sectors.  There are lengthy sections giving an overview of what changes and challenges are likely to occur under transits from the slow-moving planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  You’ll also learn how to capitalize on the inner planets’ passages through the career houses, including the Moon’s cycles, Mercury retrograde intervals, and Jupiter. It includes a chapter on how to make balanced and helpful predictions of tough transits, neither overly negative or overly positive.