The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1: Planets as Vocational Indicators


About this ebook: The first of a trilogy of e-books on the outer planets, The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators,  draws on Donna Cunningham’s 35 years of experience in counseling clients. It explores the effects of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto on career choices, patterns, and dilemmas.

There is an otherworldly element when the outer planets are career markers, a sense of serving a greater purpose in human history. Each chapter explores one of these planets in depth, applying them to the vocational sectors of the horoscope.

Download a sampler of the contents here.

2014 Edition


Reviews of The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1:

Klaus Bonert: “A big compliment to Donna for writing this mature book. How she deals with this heavy duty stuff—in a constructive way—shows the rich multilevel expertise she has. I am eager to see volumes two and three as well.”

Angela Gibson wrote to her astrology newslist: “In her usual brilliant style, Donna’s first book in this three-part series is a must-have, not only for those who are interested in vocational astrology, but also for those who have felt vague about connecting to the outer planets and those who want deeper psychological insight into the chart.”

Marcia Butchart wrote in the newsletter for NCGR, Boston Chapter: “This e-book from Donna Cunningham opens the door to an important and practical way of assessing the impact of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on individuals’ lives and careers. Donna offers a very useful lens through which to view their influence, as well as some sound advice on handling their issues when they arise.

The advice in each outer planet’s chapter for handling their energies that can bedevil one’s work life is extremely useful. I also think the potential healing methodologies for resolving difficult outer planet manifestations could be very useful; see the Pluto chapter, in particular. Of great importance is that this material is presented with understanding and compassion. It’s all too easy to present hard truths – even well-meant counsel – in a wounding manner. Donna’s lack of any judgmental stance on the undeniable fact that these vast energies are easy to mishandle is much appreciated.

If you found this on a free ebook site, it was a pirated copy. Those sites have unauthorized copies of many astrologers’ works—significant volumes by much-admired teachers and speakers who labored unselfishly to preserve what they’ve learned so we can all grow.

Pirated books have a long-term impact on the development of our field. Putting one’s heart and soul into a book, only to have it stolen, discourages our heroes from writing books to begin with. Over time, what they know can be lost forever. Read more about this problem here: Pirated Astrology Books and What They Can Cost our Field.

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