The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 2: Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars


About this Book: Here, we learn about the love lives of people who have the outer planets strongly woven in with the primary relationship planets, Venus and Mars, or with the relationship houses—the 7th, 8th, and 5th. We’ll identify persistent relationship patterns for each of these outer planet influences.

Integrating these transpersonal concerns into personal relationships is difficult, so finding and maintaining a true partnership tends to occupy the person’s attention for much of their lives.

We’ll explore the ways people with these chart factors try to satisfy their need for intimacy while still satisfying an equally strong urge to participate in the evolution of our world.

Download a sample of the contents here.

2014 edition


If you found this on a free ebook site, it was a pirated copy. Those sites have unauthorized copies of many astrologers’ works—significant volumes by much-admired teachers and speakers who labored unselfishly to preserve what they’ve learned so we can all grow.

Pirated books have a long-term impact on the development of our field. Putting one’s heart and soul into a book, only to have it stolen, discourages our heroes from writing books to begin with. Over time, what they know can be lost forever. Read more about this problem here: Pirated Astrology Books and What They Can Cost our Field.

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